What does reserve not met mean?

Ok so on eBay nobody bid on this thing and it says reserve not met what does that mean?!?!?

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There's a price that's set as the reserve price which is the minimum price the seller is willing to sell it for. It's higher than the minimum price, but it's not disclosed. The hopes is that if someone doesn't know what that price is they'll bid more honestly on what they're willing to pay for it.

If the auction ends and the reserve price still isn't met, the seller does NOT have to sell it for that price.

1 year ago

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The seller can set a reserve price - basically an unlisted minimum bid. There could be 200 bids, but if not one of them meets the reserve price, the item will not be sold.

by Doktor Evil - 1 year ago

The seller set a minimum amount he or she would sell for and this amount was not met

by cameron - 1 year ago

The buyer on eBay can set a price at which at item must reach to sell (a reserve). The item, even if bid on by eBayers, will only sell if this reserve has been met. The price, however, can exceed this reserve.

by cool - 1 year ago