Does anyone have any ideas on to promote a channel?

Can someone please post a link?

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Please include your keyword in Youtube page. In the header part, in the body text, in the content area etc. Please write your targeted keywords there.

There's no shortcut actually to promote your channel easily, you will have to wait and will have to make some efforts.

1. Decide your targeted audience
2. Research your keywords
3. Put your keywords into your Youtube page
4. Create a Facebook page
5. If you can put your ad into Facebook paid ads for just 2-3 days and can spend 20-30$, it would be great and by this your youtube channel will be promoted.

Rest you can always mail me at to discuss the ideas of promotion.


1 year ago

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Create interesting videos that people will talk about and share with others.

by Netcom Guy - 1 year ago