What is a good price to ask for on Craigslist for my Wii & its accessories?

I have the original white Wii & have just lost interest in playing it, mainly due to not having enough room in my parents house. I realize that by the time I move out, the Wii 2 or Wii 3 will be out & then I really won't play my Wii.

Anyway, I am planning on listing my Wii & it's accessories on Craigslist but need some help on the pricing.

What comes in my Wii deal?
-Wii console system
-2 Wii remotes with nun chucks included (1 white & 1 pink; batteries not included)
-At least 5 different games
-Wii Balance Board
-Pink Wii cloth carrying case (perfect for travel)
-Wii gun holder (turns your Wii remote into a gun)

With all of these items, I have spent approximately $380 on the system and its accessories. I was thinking about selling it for $200. Do you think that price is too high/low? I am also worried about people not being interested in my product considering it comes with a PINK carrying case & 1 out of the 2 remotes is PINK & normally when it comes to gaming consoles, I think of males as potential buyers (not to sound sexist or anything, it's just I'm not used to females playing video games).

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I'd say at least $200.

2 years ago