What is the best reciprocal links manager? I only want quality links that are relevant to my land sale site.?

I'd like to be able to easily control the fact that the other site must add my site before I add them to my site. I'd also like one that lets me control the minimum page rank of sites I'll accept. Also I want to be able to check for no-follow links and prevent spam.
Can anyone HELP me, please?

Oh yeah...and it's got to be EASY to use because I'm new at this, attractive to look at, and hopefully FREE.
Huh! I'm a bit puzzled now. I hear what you're saying about quality links and THAT'S THE ONLY KIND I WANT! I'm talking about those programs I've seen people have on their site that make it easy for people to link to them...and vice versa. Obviously I would be editing them and would only accept links from other people in my industry, and from THAT demographic, only from people who had higher page rank with Google.
BTW...I have a land sales website where I market land for-sale-by-owner. I already have page #1 status for my site on Google and all of the other search engines for 2 of my keyword terms that are crucial to me : i.e. "land in Arizona" and "Northern Arizona land". (I guess because it's such an informative site and because it's been up for 8 years now) Even though I'm thrilled with that, I feel I could do even better than that... and would like to have more back-links to my site so that it may help several of my OTHER keyword

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I don't know that link exchanges that could be setup by automated means are really worth obtaining, establishing a relationship with and getting 1 link from an authority site can be worth 100 junk links gotten from un-ranked sites. Google's renewed interest in quality the last couple of years demonstrated by the addition Panda and Penguin filters has caused easily detectable rank manipulation links to cause more harm than good. Link exchange s were much more effective 5 or 10 years ago when the search engines were more naive.

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