Are either of these reputable jersey sale sites or has anyone use one of them>?
Mainly because the prices seem to good to be true and i don't want to get ripped off.
II didn't find these sites. My question stems from a friend finding them (not sure how) and asking me if i wanted to order a jersey from one of those sites. When I told him it looked sketchy, he did not believe me. So i figured i would ask someone on here. Thanks to you, I convinced him not to order anything from those sites so thank you for your response.

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These are from China. Cheap immitations made by 12 year old kiddies.
They are given a picture and told to try their best.
Since counterfeiting is illegal, they could be shut down and you never receive your item.
Complaints are they get logos wrong, they colors are off, or they fall apart as soon as you touch them.
Honestly, are you this easy scammed?
If you know how to add details.
Could you tell me how in the world you find these scam sites?

Organization : ming wang
Name : ming wang
Address : guang zhou shi bai yun qu gao lin hua yuan 2 dong 301
City : guangzhou
Province/State : guangdong
Country : CN
Postal Code : 362100
caiwen gu
+86.7398685786 fax: +86.7398685786
hunansheng wugangshi longtianxiang luoweicun 5zu
wugangshi hunansheng 422400

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