How to sell on etsy.?

I've been reading on how to sell but can't find some answers. I don't know to much about it so maybe someone who sells can help!
Also a little confused on buying !

1. If you buy something from someone on there how do you know they actually are going to send it and its not a scam ?

2. Is it easy to sell stuff on there to people actually buy things?

3. Just wondering if people have had any success ! Seems fun for a few extra bucks !

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etsy is amazing and a great place to do business.
Also sounds funny but look at ebay.

The reason these sites work, is that they have PayPal guarantee - in case you don't get the item - PayPal will cancel the transaction and give you the money back.

The other thing - most people on these sites are there to make money and to get repeat business.
They validate your address, bank account, etc. so for the average scammer the risk/reward is not paying off.

And these sites are best at finding who is a scamer, sometimes you see a listing and a few hours later the listing is removed and they tell you that the listing was illegal or a scam.

So go ahead - think positive and maybe you will make a bundle.
Just remember the main mistake most etsy ppl do - charge enough money to make it worth while otherwise you are wasting your time and paying for others.

Go forth and multiply,

2 years ago