Please have a quick glance at my logo?

Hi, please have a quick look at my logo.
Please tell me what do you see without analysing it?
Also, please tell me if you think it's a quality logo and is there anything i should change?
I must agree that logo is not minimal,
Thought the competition is super strong in the market slice for that company, all the companies' corporate image is way too conservative - so, apart from strong philosophy behind the colour and tilt change, there is also a move to look web 2.0-like to be different from others (in a good way)

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It looks like your company name but that's only because I expected to see that - I think if I'd come across it then I wouldn't have immediately recognised it and wouldn't have taken any time trying to decipher it.

Re Quality - It looks too unique and different and to be honest a bit dated not specially web 2.0 which is just marketing hype anyway - unless you're in the engineering sector or work for children's products/services then it might be relevant. Otherwise its too gimmicky and over-engineered (imho) - one quick way to tell if a logo works is to imagine it in various locations - on a poster, on an advert hoarding, in a newspaper, on a t shirt, on a bumper sticker, etc. Can you do that for your logo and would the colours work in different formats - if not maybe its needs tweaking.

2 years ago

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I could argue that the M is a little bit hard to read unless you knew the company name in the first place. But besides that I think the style you chose a quality is brillant.


by Josh C. - 2 years ago

What is modnk, or your site generally about?

If you'd like to have an attractive logo,use one letter instead.

by Dave - 2 years ago

It is too complicated, not easy to read. What is the change of colour meant to signify? And the change from upright to sloping letters? Go for what the big players go for: simplicity.

by Ted - 2 years ago