Why I can't sell anything on ebay!!!?

I just sold one item but then I keep relist my items :(

Plz help me finding the problem
Thank you

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I just looked at: Charlotte Russe Grey top

I wasn't impressed. You did nothing in the description to make your item desirable to anyone. Your description consisted of:


65% polyester

35% viscose"

I just asked my wife what she thought of your listing. Her reply was 'looks like cheap yard sale crap'. She was right. You made it look like cheap yard sale crap.

The photos were discolored and boring. Clothing should always be modeled for the best effect. Proper lighting should be used.

The description should be much more than what it's made out of. Size small can mean different things as well. Give exact measurements. One of my models did a photo shoot for us yesterday and wore 22 different tops of all the exact same 'size'. Three of them would not fit her.

Brighten up your photos. Get a model or model it yourself, (any freeware photo editor will allow you to cut your face out of the picture if you don't want it shown). Give exact measurements, (arm pit to arm pit, top to bottom). Use your imagination when describing it, ("You can't go wrong with this girls as the guys will be standing in line to meet you!").

Your shipping price is good as is your return policy. You just need to work on the rest of it.

2 years ago