How much does it cost to trademark a logo in North Carolina?

For example, if I wanted to start designing clothing and sell them in small local stores, and I wanted to have my brand name be like MyStyle (not the name I want to trademark but y'know), how much would it cost to trademark MyStyle? Also, would it be two different costs, like one for the actual name MySyle and then another for what the logo would look like? And remember, this is in North Carolina. I would also like to have a federal estimate on how much it would be. Thank you.

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Registration is optional. You can also register in one or more states, which has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with federal registration. You can optionally register in the USPTO.

Your state's Secretary of State's office has info on fees and forms for state registration.
According to their FAQ, it's a $75 fee.

The minimum USPTO fee is around $275. I believe you can still register the words as PART of a logo, but you may be better off having two separate applications, in case one fails to become registered for some reason.


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You don't need to register a trademark with the trademark and patent office in order to have exclusive use of it so it costs nothing. All you need to do is prove you were the first one to use it. You just can't use the registered symbol.


by Howard L - 2 years ago

It costs ZERO, because trademarks aren't handled at the state level.
At the state level you need a "doing business as" certification. This is REQUIRED!!!! You can do the legwork to figure out how much it costs.
At the local level you need a business license, again google will be your friend.
Your state may require special licensing for apparel companies - some do, some don't (mine does)

Trademarks are handled through the US Patent and Trademark office. The cost is based on the number of categories that you are requesting the trademark for. Probably around $400.

by A Hunch - 2 years ago