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    The giant retailer is getting greedy?

    Wal Mart whats going on they will not honor coupons that are buy one get one free Yesterday while shopping at Wal Mart i purchased a pack of Schick razors and at check out gave my coupon to the cashier it was turned down The explanation was if it did not scan then they don't put the numbers in by hand A new policy by the management they are not honoring Manufacturers coupons Has this happened to you?
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    Edited: What I would do. I would visit the store again. This time, only a couple of items. And only 1 coupon. I would stay very professional and keep mental notes on reasons for turning you down. Do not go during busy hours. Ask for the manager if necessary. If still turned down, then I would write a letter to corporate WMT. With a copy of the coupon and the explanation you were turned down twice. People have received some nice gift certificates when a store treats them wrong. And you were treated wrong ! In your letter state dates. And keep emotions out of it. Keep it short. ----- Make sure it was a coupon. And not something that is only good at CVS or Target, etc. Read the details of that coupon carefully.
    3 years ago

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    • It has much more to do with people complaining about waiting in line too long than anything else. Each Walmart is allowed to set their own policy about manually inserting the numbers into the system. Even their nation wide policy states "Must have a scannable bar code". If the bar code won't scan properly or is rejected by the system they do not have to manually enter the numbers. Our Walmart continues to type in the numbers if the scan won't work. However our town is small and customer wait time is short so it's not a big issue here. Coupons cut into their profits when fake coupons are used. You would be surprised at how many fakes are circulating around. I'm also sure many stores aren't real happy paying someone to sort through a few hundred coupons every week to send them off to the different manufacturers. The 8 cents they get extra out of each coupon probably doesn't even pay for the time spent doing it.

      by Roddy - 10 hours ago

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