Is it perfectly legal to ship a customer an item through another business?

I have a few items for sale that I do not carry but can order.
Is it perfectly legal to have the customer pay me, then I pay for the item and have the item directly shipped to the customer?

Everything sounds fine to me, but I just want to be safe.

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Yes, it's legal. It can lead to problems though. Especially if the place you are actually ordering from suddenly goes out of stock on the item after you have sold it.

Having a package arrive from a different source may also cause your customer to investigate the prices from that source and complain if you caused them to pay more. I've seen that happen hundreds of times on eBay.

2 years ago

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It's legal. It's called "drop shipping." It's even common, but it's your reputation online if the other company doesn't deliver. It's also you who will owe the refund. work with a reputable company.

by thisisonlyatest - 2 years ago