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    would i need any type of liscence or permissions to offer this type of assistance?(read on)?

    My mom has a massage license that she rarely gets to use since she is no longer employed at her previous place.She can work as an independent contractor(and has before) but she has trouble building a clientele.Since i got another job i told her in exchange for an extra $200 a month that she requested i would help her get some clients and do some advertising.She has friends that graduated with her that are in about the same situation.I want to know if there is anything else that i would have to do to legally offer my mom and her friends this assistance.I have the time to look for clients for them,drive them to appointments,and design flyer's and things for them.I can get them add space and arrange the appointments as well.I also have the device so i can accept credit cards so they wont be limited to checks and cash.I would want to make a profit off of the other people i help other than my mom(assuming all goes well with her) and i can easily invest in a receipt machine/book or cash register if i need to.Also i would like to do the same to a few people i know that graduated from cosmetology school and cant find work or want to work for themselves. What would i need to ensure that these people don't simply get there clientele up and cut me out of the equation?can i just put in the effort and legitimately put this plan in effect?
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    You don't need a license to do advertising or any sort of public relations, but you do need a general business license to protect yourself and make sure you are going to report your earnings properly for tax purposes. You can get a business license at your local county auditor's office--you pay a fee, register your business and get a EIN number (tax reporting number.) You can be your mother's business manager, and then expand to other businesses--good idea! Keep careful records. And you should draw up a contract form for your clients to sign that states clearly what services you provide, what fees you charge for these services and how and when you will be paid. Other than that, you don't need to worry about licensing or permission--any contract your clients sign gives you the permission legally--and if they agree to it, you have legal standing in case they decide not to pay you. Good luck! It sounds as if you may have found a home business niche that will work out pretty well for you!
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