Can someone help with business name?

I am starting a thrift store with used items, of course, as well as affordable gift items and a gift basket service. I will carry items like fashion jewelry, bath and body products, pet items, and will also have the over sized cupcakes and mini cakes (either for individual sale or added in a basket) You will also have that choice on the gift items, purchase with basket or seperately.I am starting up online but will be working on moving into a building so I need a name that will stick. I really dont want the words thrift in them since I will be doing gift baskets also. I'd like to have a name that will go with all that I have to offer but I keep drawing a blank lol.
I have came up with a few names, but I'm not sure
"Angel Boo Lane" , (Angel after my youngest daughter and my granddaughter's nickname is Boo)
"I Want That"
My target customers will be moms and women. I am having trouble coming up with a slogan also. The theme and colors will all depend on the name. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
It doesn't have to be a name with any of those I have, it can be something totally different. I'm wanting something fun and catchy, those are usually the names that stick with ya. And I'd like something that will look good in bright colors, maybe with polkadots and swirls.....thought about Swirlie Twirls, but drawing blank on the slogan.

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keepsakes and cupcakes

All things for every women.

2 years ago

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Angel & Boo boutique

OR maybe

Boo & Angel boutique

by Priyadarshini - 2 years ago

"Angelinaboo Fashioners"

by Myout - 2 years ago