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    Can someone help with business name?

    I am starting a thrift store with used items, of course, as well as affordable gift items and a gift basket service. I will carry items like fashion jewelry, bath and body products, pet items, and will also have the over sized cupcakes and mini cakes (either for individual sale or added in a basket) You will also have that choice on the gift items, purchase with basket or seperately.I am starting up online but will be working on moving into a building so I need a name that will stick. I really dont want the words thrift in them since I will be doing gift baskets also. I'd like to have a name that will go with all that I have to offer but I keep drawing a blank lol. I have came up with a few names, but I'm not sure "Angel Boo Lane" , (Angel after my youngest daughter and my granddaughter's nickname is Boo) "Sassy-tudes" "I Want That" My target customers will be moms and women. I am having trouble coming up with a slogan also. The theme and colors will all depend on the name. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    keepsakes and cupcakes All things for every women.
    a few seconds ago

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    • "Angelinaboo Fashioners"

      by Myout - 17 hours ago

    • Angel & Boo boutique OR maybe Boo & Angel boutique

      by Priyadarshini - 17 hours ago

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