Why do i hate college?

i want to go into marketing but college mathmatics is really hard for me. i dread statistics and micro and macro economics. im being pounded with college algebra. my gpa is like a 3.2 as it is. pretty crappy. i dont know what to do exactly. can anyone give me some suggestions. thanks.

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I go to the occasional big campus events. I'll go to the gym and play basketball or lift weights or go out to eat with friends occasionally. I like my school, and I was really excited to go. I just haven't been having any fun at all, so I feel like I am being tied down here. It's like I'm just wasting away my life.

No I don't have any knowledge to start my own company but I do like to cook.

I haven't even started taking courses required for my major yet.

I'm at a loss because while dropping out seems like an absurd idea, especially since the school is a pretty good one (and I wouldn't go anywhere else), I have zero motivation to keep doing what I'm doing.


2 years ago