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    for a class at school i have to do an advertising campaign for water?

    WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO BUY MY WATER. THE SAME AS ANY OTHER WATER NOTHING ADDED INTO IT. but I need reasons why people would buy my water I got nothing what could i say?
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    there's two parts to this-the first is why would anyone want to buy water?This is the simplest thing ever water has so many uses just pick a few niches:its the essence of all life,it's pure,healthy,etc The next part is why anyone would want to buy "your" water.Its a fictional campaign so you can basically attribute any positive traits to your company that you want.You've been a reliable company for years,you're a reliable company,your water has a more practical container maybe. After you've established all that you can put together a nice presentation with some catchy slogans,maybe some music and bam you're done. good luck!.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Well i completely agree with King.I think you should add something about the usefulness of pure water and then show your company provides pure water from so and so years or if it is new then just show how you purified water before selling. How hygienic your company is and how much it cares for people and so on.I think you shouldn't advertise anything false but you can advertise general things which may every company follow.I mean don't make anybody fool because you can improve your business through trust only.So try to gain trust of customers with true promises.

      by Willam - 18 hours ago

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