would you pay a one time fee of $5 to submit a product review about something you like/dislike?

If you had a place where you could submit unlimited reviews about a product/service and only had to pay one time fee of 5 bucks would you join? Do you see a benefit? Why or Why not?

2 years ago - 5 answers

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Well I can see a benefit as people won't make the same mistake someone else did when they used the product/service if they write about how terrible they were.
But in my opinion, no ones really gonna pay $5 or any money.
If you make it free, it could potentially be a hit, but what do I know?

2 years ago

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Heck no!

by mommy - 2 years ago

No I wouldn't, why should I be expected to pay for this? If someone has a website that makes money for them from hosting reviews then they can either pay me for my reviews or at the very least not charge me.

by Semtex - 2 years ago

No! I would complain to customer services or put a review on Google I wouldn't PAY!!!

by Sorcha - 2 years ago

No, companies struggle to get people to review their products for free.

People cannot be bothered to waste 5 mins of their time for free, so pay for it you must be kidding.

by Antonia Smart - 2 years ago