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    i have a bunch of business ideas written down.?

    I always seem to start the idea than stop because my fiances arent incredible YET. Is there a way I could sell my ideas?
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    That depends on your ideas: I know how you feel. I am working on a few ideas myself, it is so difficult to choose which idea to go for and which to drop or put away for later. I would suggest that for now you choose your favorite idea that you can get really passionate about, grow it, nurture it and and stick to it. The next step would be to go the free route - advertise on Facebook through groups and pages, Start a blog and stick to your guns. Another form of advertising is free advertising like Gumtree, OLX Yellowpages etc. A book that is really good for this sort of thing is Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow rich and look for free business training and consulting online - there are quite few few useful tools out there. Just Google it! I also do cheap effective advertising, so if you would like to advertise your idea. let me know!
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    • Write a book! Best wishes and good luck.

      by Doctor J - 8 hours ago

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