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    Is Target a good place to work?
    Alright, so i haven't got the job yet, but some time next week I'll be given a phone interview by the HR lady at the Target I applied to. All I want to know is what's it like to work there? And also, is there any advice you can give for me to ace the phone interview and get an actual one on one interview? Thanks
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    i worked at target for 2 years as a sales assosiate and it was pretty good. the associates there are friendly and its pretty organized and consistent. But they put alot of pressure on you not to take sick days or days off and to work overtime and/or extra days when they ask you to. The best thing to do while your on the phone interveiw is smile while your talking the whole time, it sounds stupid but it makes it sound like your happy and charismatic and employers like that. Also talk loud and clear, use "sir" and "ma'am", dont talk hella much or tell long stories about yourself, make sure you stay on topic, and dont forget to say "thank you for the opportunity i really appreciate it, hope to see you soon" or something like that.
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    • I've heard different stories from people. I've had friends that work/have worked there and one said it was horrible, one said it was okay, and idk about the others. But like the person above said, they're just another big corporation, so don't expect much out of it.

      by Daniel S - 12 hours ago

    • Target was the worst job I have held and their pay is terrible. Run away from that interview!

      by Chuck - 12 hours ago

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