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    Are Amazon parcels kept secret as in not advertising the product?

    I want to buy something from Amazon but I don't live alone at the address I'm at and would like it if the parcel doesn't advertise or give any clue on the packaging as to what is inside the parcel. So for example if I get something like a t shirt, will it say on the parcel something like ClothingForYou? I want it kept secret. If I lived alone then I wouldn't bother asking this question. Thanks.
    4 months ago 2 Answers

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    If the item is sold and shipped from amazon directly, then it will come in just a standard amazon box. If you're buying something that's being sold by a seller other than amazon (through their amazon market place) then you'll have to confirm by sending the seller a message first to make sure. If there's a company called ClothingForYou which sells t-shirts on Amazon, it's possible they have their own boxes with their logo on it or will use shipping labels with their company name/logo on it. As the other person points out though - if this is a sex toy or something along those lines which typically warrants extra privacy, companies who ship those sorts of things make extra sure to keep their packaging plain and no one would know what's in side.
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    • Yes, they are kept private. If you buy a sex toy, your parents will not know what it is, unless they open it.

      by Ava - 5 hours ago

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