Does anyone have any coupon websites?

I am on a real tight budget and trying to find printable coupons

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If you want to find good coupon deals and save yourself a lot of time, do a search for area you live in along with "coupons matchups". For instance, for me it would be "Tampabay coupon matchups" What that will do is pull up web sites that do coupon matchups in your local area. They will list the stores in you local area (considering your local pricing and understanding the local coupon policy for that store). Pick the store that you shop at. Usually after picking the store, it will give you a list of the current items on sale at that store. Each sales item will have a web link (or refer to the sunday paper) that has the coupon for that product.

They usually do all the work for you on those sites. For instance, maybe at XYZ grocery store in your area, Oscer Myer bacon is buy 1 get 1. They will usually tell you the store price on the bacon, give you a link to the coupon (that you would want to print twice in this case), and usually do the math taking the sales price and coupons into consideration. They will usually tell you for instance that it would be, for example, $1.00 per pack out of pocket.

That is how I do it. You will know before you even leave the house, how much you will be spending/saving.

2 years ago

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You could try this one

by Jessica Frankie - 2 years ago

There are a ton of coupon sites out there but I came across and it looks to have some good coupons to popular stores as well as some printable grocery coupons. Actually the way I found it was I was doing a search and I came across the blog.


by AS - 2 years ago

try rhis one web


by carlos - 2 months ago