things that i can sell for $?

ok so im in need of some $ and i was wondering about what are some thing that ppl love to buy like mabey on craigslist what could i sell that would sell fast? thank you!

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electronics receive the highest price, iphones, androids, computers, ipads.

They are the things people are least likely to let go of though.

2 years ago

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your soul.

by OnionCookie - 2 years ago

poke is just poking someone for the fun of it, wall to wall is commenting on each others page. So i need it.

by shekh - 2 years ago

Go to eay and search for something that you have and you're willing to part with. See what they're selling for. On ebay, you can list 50 items a month at no charge but you will have to pay a percentage of the selling price. But may be worth it. Take a look see.

by Some Netstuff - 2 years ago


by Andrew - 2 years ago

kidneys make the most $$

by Andrew - 2 years ago