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    What is a FREE way to advertise my business?

    I've already signed for www.gobza.com/joinfree They offer totally free advertising for businesses and non-profit, but I'm still waiting for it's launch. so I'm wondering if anyone knows of any company's like this that are about to take off?
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    When advertising the thing to do is make flyers and hang them in different stores in different towns..get business cards or other items with your business on it and give them to ppl as u come in contact ..online advertising is a rip off ppl like to scam you I sell Avon and have a webpage ppl always try and scam me
    a few seconds ago

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    • Try to produce some promotional stuff for like personalized mugs, at least you can help use it.

      by Jessa - 15 hours ago

    • hey bro,listen.everyone in the world only for making money or something like that.how to think about free and service altogather.forget it.walk for better policy.there are so many website offer low cost advertising needs. okay

      by Anupom deb Nath - 15 hours ago

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