Is NSHSS legit????????

Is the National Society of High School Scholars a legitimate HQ? Or is it a scam?
i got this official-looking letter and invitation in the mail with my name and everything but it feels so shady. they're also asking for 60.00 bucks. im not entirely sure on what to do, so help would be appreciated.

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NSHSS is a private membership organization which honors outstanding high school students who excel academically. By becoming a member of NSHSS, students gain opportunities to connect with colleges and universities through society member events and college fairs, to apply for exclusive scholarships, to take advantage of partner discounts and to get involved in educational programs and build their résumés.

Like most membership organizations, a fee is charged to help cover the organizational costs of fulfilling the mission of the Society. It is truly an honor to be invited and receive a congratulatory letter from Mr. Nobel. For those students who elect to join, the $60 fee is one-time only. There are no annual dues or renewals, ever.


2 years ago

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Yea, its legit but i wouldn't join if your a heavy procrastinator cause if you don't follow their agenda then your just wasting your money.


by Guy - 2 years ago

The 10 year old web site is registered to an address in a professional building in Georgia.

So they flatter you a bit to get money out of you, like the old Who's Who book?

Just their recruitment methods make it look a bit shady, this comment references some similar programs better known to be scams

by Jake - 2 years ago