Is "On Demand Research" a legal company or a scam?

I received an invitation to complete a survey about the angry birds to get a $20 gift card from ITunes. Is this a scam or something true. How can I know in the future if a company or a person is trying to fool me, is there a website to verify it? This is the address

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"Take Surveys. Make Extra Cash. Earn up to $25000 in cash and prizes by joining our panel!"

"Want to Refer Your Friends to OnDemand Research? You could win $1000."

Sounds a bit shakey, so many of the survey sites are getting you to sign up for trials or selling your info off. These guys do say no purchase required, I suppose there could be a legit research company using prizes for compensation, I'd rather be paid a straight sum to participate in a local focus group in person.

Same offer elsewhere

Not many complaints, these are 2009 comments.

Unverified suspicions

"I can't do this Ondemand research registrations is too long. This is ridiculous."
"Thanks for your input. We were unaware of the issue up until now. We have removed OnDemand Research from the list."

2 years ago

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I've taken 10 of their surveys, each time they provided with the exact same confirmation number, I mailed back the paper they sent me with required information, I have written them, emailed them several times, they won't even respond, they apparently are not legit.

by Lisa S - 4 weeks ago

Ondemand is a scam, I took 5 surveys and downloaded the forms mailed 3 of them in they never sent me any gift cards everytime I email them asking they tell me they are busy or resubmit claim forms because they never received them, its been 4 months now and I never got anything,I can't imagine 3 claim forms getting lost in the mail, they are full of shit ,do yourself a favor spread the news about on-demand so others don't get screwed

by Charlie G - 3 weeks ago