Should you get an MBA after an engineering education even before you have job experience?

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well,it all comes down to what you plan to do after you get your engineering degree.If you would like to work in R&D (research and development) you are probably better of not doing an MBA,however it is essential that you do your masters and specialize in a specific area of your engineering field.
If u wouldn't like to do the above an MBA degree is definitely very helpful as it gives you more exposure to business-related topics you didn't come across in engineering studies.Even if u start of your career as a basic engineer,as you climb up the career ladder an MBA degree equips you with organization skills,marketing skills etc.This is also important because the role of the engineer is changing; within an industry, an engineer is likely to be a manager who has to implement new practices and new technology.
so i would really recommend you to go for an MBA if you arent very specific on staying in that engineering cocoon.Also there are a wide range of MBA degrees available.people usually only consider the usual areas of marketing and finance while opting for an MBA degree but there are several other options available like an MBA in operational management etc..
but a REALLY IMPORTANT thing you need to keep in mind is to do your MBA from a good university,and most of the good universities require work i think your MBA degree can wait for a few years until you get that much needed work experience to get you into a good university.


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Under the prevailing economic conditions if you can afford to stay in school by all means do so. Engineering degrees are in high demand but if you enhance it with an MBA you will improve your overall earning power and give yourself many more career options.


by Smartypants - 2 years ago

no, not without experience.

by manufactured in 1990. Handle with care - 2 years ago

without experience, all it is going to do it put you a lot further into debt

by Zarg222 - 2 years ago