Is segway oil and gas a real company or a fraud?

I looked up there India address there is no office in that building which belongs to this company..

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Fake oil company job offers are one of the biggest Nigerian scams

There is NO oil company in the world that offers jobs to people without a single face to face interview at their office. You have already checked to see that there is no such company at the address you listed

If you were offered a job without going to their office for an interview it's always going to be a scam

And why would any real company pay to hide it's registry details?

And why is it that nothing shows up about this company in any newspapers, business magazines or trade journals? If a company had offices around the world don't you think there would be articles about them in publications like Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Financial Times, etc

Their UK address is also fake
The address they give is Chevron's European head office, NOT a company called Segway
The phone number they list on their website is NOT a UK business number, its a Nigerian scam number

This is a fake job offer - DO NOT send any info

Or bait them - say that you are in Mumbai so will just stop by their office this week to drop off your application and copies of your documents in person. Then wait for the excuses

2 years ago

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I could not learn much about the web site, it's owner information is concealed by a paid proxy, and oddly the creation date says 1-jan-1

One of the dozen other site on the same file server is the unsed sounds like a gas company name.

A deleted question on was:
I got an opportunity in segway oil and gas company, could you please chek let me know the status of the company?

I could draw no conclusion.

by Jake - 2 years ago