how do my craigslist ads get flagged down so fast?

i post an ad, completely within the guidelines, and bam, 10 minutes later its gone
its like someone is sitting there waiting for me, and flagging me off with a program or something.
wtf? i'm only posting my ipod for sale
and the fact that it is flagged off so quick makes me think its just one person.
How do they do it, and how do i defend myself against it?

2 years ago - 1 answers

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Cl says that it takes more than one person to delete your ad. It does happen that competitors will flag your ad to decrease their competition. Go to and ask for help. They will see who is flagging you and stop them. They will also re-instate your ad.
Be sure you are not posting L@@K or !!!!! in your ad.
Don't put $1 in the price space.
Don't put a link in your ad.

2 years ago