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    Where can I promote my Mary Kay Business to get more Customer?

    I have been a Senior Mary Kay Consultant since April. I have a few regular customers. I am looking to expnd my company even more! I have 2 children and would LOVE to stay home with them until they are in school without having to worry about working. I have a great inventory and am fast at replying to emails as well as phone calls! I am willing to meet with people if the distance is not to far. I am willing to ship the products also! Is there a good website where I can display my business to move further up the chain? Any advise would help!! Thank you
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    You can promote it on Social Media sites. Create a good ad to attract more customers and join forums as well.
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    Other Answers

    • try usfreeads.com I would advise you to get a books on internet marketing. There are lots of free stuff online. It will teach you how to market online. You can also engage in article marketing. Article marketing is the number 1 way that internet marketers move their wares online. It goes like this: They write a quality article related to the topic they are marketing i.e. how to cut 4 years from your age in 2 weeks. At the end of the article , they have a signature where they say a bit about themselves and state perhaps they sell first beauty care products and have a link that takes readers to their websites. They then place this articles in article directories like ezinearticle and others. If its a well written article, you can get as much as 200 people reading on that directory alone. Now there are hundreds if not thousands of directories. And if your article is well written, may bloggers, website owners and many other will publish your article which can send thousands of visitors to your site. Many article marketers make 5fihure sums using this method. Its more detailed than this. I have a free e-book on the subject. If you are interested, email me at aristotlelus@yahoo.com for it

      by aristotlelus - 9 hours ago

    • You could try classifieds, those usually are good places. I was thinking about getting involved with Mary Kay, but something better came along. I wish you great success.

      by Lil - 9 hours ago

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