What are some really good slogans for a taxi company?

i want to know what some good slogans for a taxi company. My company is White City Cabs

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Here are some articles that discuss the details of slogan writing. Why certain slogans work and why some don't. You will find these helpful in writing a new slogan.

A Look at Slogans -

Unique Selling Proposition -


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What do you want your slogan to be based off, specifically? Like what do you want to stand out about your taxi service?

by DethS laughter - 3 years ago

"You provide the place to be, we'll provide the taxi".
"save your precious energy, let us drive you".
""saving road ragers money on therapy since 2011."
"one of the only times you look good in yellow."

by tallsuntravel - 3 years ago