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    What company offers the best perks for selling Ads on restaurant Coffee Mugs?

    I was thinking about selling ads on Restaurant and Diner's coffee mugs. I looked into doing it myself and found out that it is way more involved and expensive than I thought. It really is much easier to not "reinvent" the wheel and simply find a fair company who pays well and will give me protected territory, where I don't have to "Buy In" and or pay any Franchise Fees and can just focus on what I do best. Sell like a banshee! Who is the most established and reliable company to work for selling ads on restaurant coffee mugs?
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    Last year I lost my job and did extensive research on this same topic. I too found that trying to handle the whole thing from scratch, doing it on my own, was way to involved and time consuming and I could not do it cheaper myself anyway. There are several companies that do have sales reps selling ads on restaurant coffee mugs, but the one that has been around the longest and pays the most commissions is Mugs Across America, Inc. They definitely are the nation leaders in this industry and they do also offer the protected territory that you seek. They charge no Franchise fees either. I belive they do charge a minimal fee to get started, like $125, I think, but they give it back to you after you have turned in a couple of orders. They pay out OVER 55% in commissions and the part I liked about this company is that their ad rates were like 1/2 the price of all the other companies doing this, which seems to me you can sell alot more ads at the lower price. It was under $200 for a years worth of advertising.
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