Is a scam or for real?

Heres the site:

I really REALLY need a new laptop and I would like the MacBook Pro and was thinking about bidding on it, but I dont want to spend like $50 on wasted bids, maybe $5-$10 for bids bucks wouldnt bother me. So should I try this? There was a newcast on this site so it doesnt look like a big fat lie....ALSO, please dont make your answer confusing, just plain & simple. :) Thank you and GOD BLESS!!!!!

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The Mac that sells for $10 meant 999 bids at 60¢ each. Each bid raises the price one penny. The bidders paid $600 plus the $10 for the item. Which would be fine if you could trust the site to play fair. But you can't. Save your money.

3 years ago

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i have never heard of it so i looked online or u

i found this:
read that first please

by Michelle - 3 years ago

well it is real it is just when the timer goes to 15 seconds everytime someone makes a bid it goes back up to 15 seconds

by Mike Morr - 3 years ago