How do I convince people to buy my product?

I live in Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean. My school is made up of around 500 kids from kindergarten to 12th grade. About 10-15 kids per class. I need to make some money so I've been selling duct tape wallets. I've sold 6 so far for 30 TT dollars a (5 USD) each. It's a good profit but I don't think people are going to be willing to buy it in a few days time. How can I keep the interest level up, make a profit and get people do order them all at the same time?

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A budding entrepreneur.... how wonderful!! You do not "convince" people..... you persuade them by highlighting the attributes of your product..... so.... what makes your wallet different, better, cheaper, safer, than all of the other wallets out there? Any chance that you can introduce a way for people to individualize their wallet? Also, I would go to where the cruise boats are.... tourists are pretty good about purchasing something novel from a local.... especially if they know that you are supporting yourself in this way. I would figure out how many feet of duct tape is needed for one wallet. then I would find out how many wallets you can make with one roll of tape. Then I would divide that by the cost of the tape.... and that would give me the cost of supplies. Once I had the initial cost, I can see how much profit I make per wallet. You may be able to lower the price of your wallets if you know the actual monetary output for supplies. Good Luck on your venture!

3 years ago

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lower the price, do buy 1 get 1 free

by Douglas Williams - 3 years ago

You don't convince people to buy YOUR product. You market a product that fills THEIR need or desire.


by Howard Theriot - 3 years ago

start by letting the kids parents know about the products that you are selling.

by george2006mathenge - 3 years ago

sir, am just a student studying BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION $ MANAGEMENT but at least i can give you an advice!.business does not go that way because your first required to advertise and tell the kids parents so as to know your intentions.and much less learn to work or ask for a peace of mind through-out,hence you must know how to embrace the customers!WISH YOU ALL THE BEST.

by Anab Ahmed - 3 years ago