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    Wealthy Affiliate and internet affiliate marketing. is it worth it?

    Can you actually make any money from it? Is the money that you pay for Wealthy Affiliate worth it? Are you an Affilate marketer, if so do you make any kind of decent income from it? If you have any experience please share... i don't want anyone telling me WA is a scam, unless you joined it and know for sure, i am a new member and i don't think it is a scam, i think you just need to invest alot of time and effort into it. What do you think?
    8 months ago 2 Answers

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    I'm an affiliate marketer and I make about $100 per day, it is ok money. There are some guys out there that make $1000 per day from affiliate marketing. It just requires a lot of time and patience. What is hard is getting your website to that #1 spot on the Google search. But once you do, you hit the jackpot. Here are some examples of my websites that are just blogs. http://zygor-guide.blogspot.com/ http://traffic--siphon.blogspot.com/ As you can see, you dont even need to pay for a real website, you can just use free websites such as Blogger to promote your product. There are a lot of free training videos out there on affiliate marketing, I would search for them frist before doing Wealthy Affiliate.
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    Other Answers

    • you dont need to invest alot of time just pick and choose the programs that you want to use and what you want to sell or what you think you might be good at marketing.. its not that hard you could do plenty in an hour youd be suprised...its about what you put into to it....join my program and get started on earning today

      by charles w - 7 hours ago

    • Yes it is worth it if you are the type of person who is willing to put in a lot of time and effort for what seems to be little pay in order to recieve a big payoff later on. I personally wouldn't pay for Wealthy Affiliate at the moment. It is good and has great info, but there are other things out there just as good that don't cost as much. Actually I am about to start using a training program created by one of the WA contributors "Pot Pie Girl". It's very simple and is only $50. I am an affiliate marketer. I've mainly done PPC and CPA up until now and do alright with it. I atleast make something every day now (today was pretty dismal though), but I'm not earning a living from it yet. I'm now getting into the more lucrative commission based stuff. You are right, you do have to spend a lot of time and effort. Affiliate marketing is a business and must be approached as such. You must have a plan. Getting the proper training and education (i.e. WA) isn't an absolute requirement, but certainly shortens the learning curve and increases your chance of success. As with any business you have to build it and initially it seems like you are working for nothing, but after it starts growing it is well worth the late nights and long weekends.

      by I work at home - 7 hours ago

    • http://sites.google.com/site/penniesdimesanddollarsigns/ Better than affiliate marketing in my opinion cuz there no money you need to invest. How much money you make depend on your efforts.

      by Laugh - 7 hours ago

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