Good catchy name for a grocery delivery business?

I am planning to start my own grocery delivery service. What sounds like a good, catchy name? Please give me some ideas! One I thought of is Grocery Stork or Domestic Diva's Deliveries.
Thanks for any ideas!

4 years ago - 4 answers

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grocery stork is quite clever, well done

how about:
Grocery 2 U
Buy and Arrive

sorry best i could do

good luck with it

4 years ago

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Rapid Radish
Veggie Quick
Go Go Groceries

by bishopsjewels - 4 years ago

Go-Go Groceries

I think Domestic Diva's Deliveries sounds cute and catchy as well

by *~*Lairen's Mom*~* - 4 years ago

I can't think of anything right now as I tyoe this i can think of this. it would need to be something positive for the community to want to remember. Something easy to remember as well. Something that would bring people in for business. If you can do that your good.

by Sharon - 4 years ago