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    How to be a coca cola product distributor?

    Hi guys, I want to start small business in nanded maharashtra, as i can invest upto 10 lacs RS. i m planning to be a coca cola products distributor in nanded, can any one tell me the detail procedure to start this business? Thanks
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    I think you have great ambition and a very good idea. But first, you must understand how the CocaCola system operates (worldwide). CocaCola, Inc. does not, NOT, produce soda. It produces all the necessary product to make the soda. Bottlers, under contract with CocaCola, purchase all the products, including the syrup, from CocaCola. The bottler then combines the product to produce the soda product and bottles the product. The bottled product is then shipped to an independent distributor, who is under contract with the bottler. The independent distributor then sells the product to wholesale & retail outlets. So, There are various levels which are open to an ambitious person like yourself. You can become a Bottler, An Independent distributor, a Wholesaler, or a Retailer. All of which are quite profitable. The benefits of any position is that your advertising is done by CocaCola inc. Your actual costs to make a profit are mainly labor. It's a good deal. If there are no bottlers in your area, then CocaCola, inc. would greatly like to speak with you. If you have the ambition which I suspect you have, then CocaCola would jump at the opportunity to get you started as a bottler. Personally, I think the bottler has the best position. Good Luck.
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