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    was the foreign policy based on external or internal factors?

    Some experts claim that a nation's foreign policy is determined by external events, namely the actions of other actors in the international system. Others claim it is internally driven, responding to domestic issues, constituencies and politics. Which do you think is most responsible for foreign policy decisions? Use a recent example of a US foreign policy decision to support your claim.
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    my educated guess is that foreign policy is based on internal factors. Even if policy-makers point to seemingly external factors, the decisions are made by their own perceptions and interests regarding those external factors. Based on realist theories, states (and when i say states, i mean countries) act in their own self-interest based on a perceived power struggle. Although their policy may be gaged by international/external events, it is their perception that makes the policy. You could say that the "war" in Iraq was started based on a perceived threat. Did Saddam Hussein threaten the US in any direct (or even indirect) way? Not really. I'm not gonna go much further because I can tell by the description this is straight from some kind of assignment, but you can use this as a starting point.
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