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    How can I promote my Avon Business?

    I would like any suggestions on how I can promote my Avon business. I am a new rep and someone from my job already sells Avon there, so I am not trying to take away her customers. I am looking to start it online, but I need to find a strong customer base before I do that. I live in Hollywood, Fl and I am trying to figure out some local things to do to promote the myself as an agent, before I start my online site. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
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    What some people do is to rent space in malls or similar shopping areas and set up tables from which they are able to greet people and present their products and opportunities. I have seen this done for cosmetics, health supplements, and other products and services. Sometimes it works well, but there is a cost involved most of the time, but some mall managers will give you a break if you are just getting started, since this also can add to the shopping environment in the mall. You can try various stores and businesses to see if you can leave your cards there for people to see and take. You could also do visiting demonstrations. For example at a hair salon or daycare center or even an office-type business you could schedule "shows" for the staff and customers. You may need to offer something to the businesses in exchange for the privilege, but it can certainly be productive. Ads on bulletin boards can help--supermarkets, laundromats, etc. There is, of course, the old stand-by, door-to-door selling. Surely you have heard, "Avon calling." If there are fairs or flea markets in your area, those can be good places to set up, too. Some folks put flyers on windshields in parking lots, but I have never taken well to that method, and I suspect many people will either be irritated or at best disinterested. Some towns allow occasional street vending from a temporary booth or by carrying a sample kit with you and greeting people as you encounter them. You should get proper permits if you decide to try this, but I am not convinced it is right for the Avon image. You can decide that, though. There are the party methods, too, such as are used by Tupperware and other products. Well, let's see what others have for you. Good question.
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    • Personally i created an ad on Craigslist, i think its better to start small and next week when i settle into my new hotel i plan on going door to door to sell my products, or maybe even printing some free cards from Vistaprint because i believe they have deals for new customers. Avon is an easy thing to promote because so many people sell it around the world, but i hope to double major in business and i think this will be a great learning experience for me. www.youravon.com/livepretty

      by Alicia - 7 hours ago

    • I just signed up for Avon today they give you a website and its only $7.50 every 2 weeks...BUT if you sell just one thing from the site the $7.50 fee is waived...what I have been doing is just cutting and pasting my link all over the web..i.e. Myspace, Twitter, etc. hoping to drive revenue to the site and get a few orders that way!!! Good Luck I hope we both become very successful..... :) http://www.youravon.com/scrawford3107

      by ? - 7 hours ago

    • You said you want to get that strong customer base before you start an online site. However, if you think about it. Why not make a free website for the time being? On that website you could post all kinds of information. From how you got started in the business to what products you plan on having available for purchase. I recommend getting a free website from the folks at Webstarts and just start messing with it. Hey, once you get it to look how you want, you could go and get business cards, brochures and all sorts of things with your website address printed on it to hand to people. No technical experience needed to create a website from the link provided. They make it so easy to design a site. When I used it, it was like playing with Microsoft Powerpoint. Good luck!

      by Menron - 7 hours ago

    • Promoting your business online like with Yahoo Answers is a great start. What you want to avoid is lot of useless advertising like you can find out here: http://www.sitebetter.com/how-to-stop-wasting-money.html The best thing you can do is sit down and write down every person you have ever met or knew from your family members to your dentist. You could probably come up with a list of about 150 people right away. Then "tell" them what you are currently doing and would be happy to get some referrals. After all, you probably told a few people about your dentist. Don't you think you deserve a little payback?

      by SiteBetter - 7 hours ago

    • Start promoting online, it's so easy. I have just started my own on line business and I knew absolutely nothing about the internet. I just happened to come across a website which teaches you step by step how to start up your own business online, how to divert traffic to your site, how to set up a website, how to become an affilaite and promote other peoples products. You have the right idea about going online, there are heaps of customers and big $ to be made. Check out this site, it's helped me heaps http://www.MaverickMoneyMakersManagement.com

      by ? - 7 hours ago

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