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    What is the difference between a publicist, a manager, and a promoter?

    I work for a concert musician where my main job is to make phone calls to various halls, theaters, and auditoriums in order to book performances for him. On my resume I've listed "Personal Assistant" -- but would my responsibilities also fall under a "Publicist," "Assistant Manager," or "Promoter" title?
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    The job that you have described herein falls somewhere within a gray area as explained... but comes nearer to the "Asst. Manager" position than Promoter or Publicist.... To best give oversight of these various things ... I'll simply run through an explaination of each... A Manager is usually one who does all of the jobs that are mentioned herein.... until an artist is of such stature that they are needing more specialized "handling"....and, within most Management contracts, it is the Mangager that assumes responsibility for most of these duties....But, also...a standard Management contract...usually... gives the "Manager" a fairly wide leverage in the actual conduct OF an artist as well... In other words... as long as they are upholding their responsibilities.... they are "the boss".... Once an artist becomes somewhat more developed and business becomes somewhat more demanding.... The Manager may opt to add either a full time or part time Promoter and / or Publicist to the mix... A Promoter is one who takes the responsibility of actually getting this individual... out and "known" among the public and within the business world....of what ever niche they are in... This CAN include actual booking responsibilities... but not necessarily.... This job can also include the job of Publicist ...but not necessarily.... The Publicist is usually one who takes care of actually getting information into the press and into media about any and all things that are seen to be in the artist's best interests..... In that regard they are actually doing a Promoter's job... by "promoting" the career and favorable public personna of the individual artist.... but, in a more exclusive way.... usually to media in particular..... A Personal Assistant... usually is one who does much more personal contact with the artist themselves... and one who does all of those things that need to be done to make their lives easier and more managable.... this can include professional duties of business at the beck and call of the artist... but not necessarily so... and, more often it includes more mundane and personal comfort things.... like errands and "seeing to things" on a much more personal level.... In actuality...any of these particular fields that I have given a rundown on herein... could be called ...Asst Manager's positions.... for they all are ... in one way or the other.... assisting the Manager in the overall job of.... managing the life and career of the artist.... Hope this helps somewhat ☼ ////
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    • Your job actually qualifies as a 'booking agent', a job that is somewhat sought after by musicians if you have connections to good venues.

      by TM119 - 7 hours ago

    • i think you have it listed correctly unless you actually publicize for them do some marketing or walk around handing out flyer's.... you might be able to get away with assistant manager but just be careful you don't want to miss represent yourself.

      by Sandy A - 7 hours ago

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