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    What are the items that must be included when developing a job advertisement for legal purposes?

    I am needing help for an assignment which is due once I return back to school. Someone please help me answer this question intelligently or direct me to where I may find the answer. The job position is Environmental Service Director for a hospital facility.
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    I am not a lawyer, but if I were looking for a job as an Environmental Service Director, this is what I would EXPECT to find in your job posting: A Company Overivew A bit about the company who is posting the ad. What is their mission statement? What has necessitated the need for this position? Often times, this information can be gleaned from the company website. Job Description What is the nature of the job? What are my responsibilities and duties? Who will I be reporting to? What is the salary? Is salary commensurate with my level of experience and/or my skill set? Requirements What are the minimum requirements that an applicant should have before submitting their resume? How much experience? How much education? Do I need an advanced degree? Do I need to have experience at the Director level? If so, how much? How to apply How do I apply for this job? Can I do so on your website? Can I e-mail my resume or post it online? To whom should I send it? Is there a cut-off date for applications? If I were you, I might look online to see if I can find other similar positions that have been advertised. You might be able to refer to them for content and flow. Good luck.
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