Target's strengths and weaknesses?

Just wondering what consumers think what are Target's store's strengths and what are their weaknesess???

6 years ago - 3 answers

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strength :
very organized
i like how all the staff members were red it make them look like a team
awesome designs

the lines are always packed
and they should have staff members around more to help you!!!!!

6 years ago

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Target has many strengths, particularly the ability to stay organized and have their team members all on the same page. Another being the varieties of organic foods. I've never been in a dirty Target store, but that falls under organazation and teamwork.

The only weakness I can think of, is perhaps the lack of variety in the way of generic foods.

Target rocks!

by cindy h - 6 years ago

The South Park episode on Walmart has the answer you're looking for.... .... ... .. .. . . . ..... . . . .. ... .... .... . ... .... . .. . . ...... . . .. ..

by Incognito - 6 years ago