National BBM color Code Policy? I rcv'd a plastic card in my mail and I can not locate anything on the Net?

Scheduled for
Thursday Delivery

For us on Bulk Business Main in conjunction with the National BBM Color Code Policy

Please consult hte most recent BBM Color Code Instrucitons for Specific Procedures Regarding The Proper Use of this Tag.

This Tag Is Intended for Reuse


I am unable to find anything on the Net about this and the USPS website has nothing....

What is this for?

6 years ago - 4 answers

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I had received one too and finally asked the mailman. It is a card for their use to sort mail and is not supposed to end up in our mail. He said just throw it away or put it back in the mailbox for your mailman to retrieve it.

6 years ago

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I received one too. Today, but it says for friday delivery. I'm still trying to research it some.

by clutch05puppy - 6 years ago

I think the blue card is stupied, mine monday delivery. I think it has something to do with paypal shipping media and ebay items. the post office is getting lazy and this proof.

by nancy p - 6 years ago

I got the same thing yesterday only, mine is orange. It says scheduled for Tuesday delivery. I found a link that could help except, it's a lot to take in.

by Jodie - 8 months ago