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    What kind of degree do I need to like start a business.?

    The business i dream of starting is something like an entertainment company that will release cartoons. I'm still in high school and me and my friends already started to make a cartoon series using Abode Flash. I just need to know what type degree I need. I was pretty sure I needed one in business but there is so to major in in the business department so I need to know what type of degree to get.
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    I want to start my own business as well. While I believe there is no "Major" there are "Minors/Concentrations/Emphasis." I go to Cal State Fullerton and I am a Business Administration Major with a Concentration on Entrepreneurship. So just look into specific schools you may want to attend and look into their business programs/ concentrations. Many Junior Colleges also offer small business classes. I know a degree is really important, but just remember many people who start their own business have no more than a High School education, so if you know what you want, it's all about finding ways to make it happen. Talk to local entrepreneurs in your area or ones you may find online and get their advice. Make things happen! Best of luck! :] Hope this helped a bit.
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    • Bachelors in Business is an all round business degree. I personally think that a Marketing degree for your type of business is a must. With Marketing you will be well rounded in all aspects of business, plus, you will know "how" and to whom you will market your business too. Good luck!!!!

      by Animal girl - 18 hours ago

    • To start or own a business you do not need a degree, just the know-how and finances. You could get a Business-degree just in case your ideas don't work out.

      by devilish1965 - 18 hours ago

    • "Marketing" is the most important business skill there is. Here's why: All business are really in the exact dame business...its the business of "Getting and Keeping Customers" Thats the only point to every business on the entire planet. "Marketing" is the art and science of getting and keeping customers...and its important to note...marketing is not just advertising. Marketing is happening at every instance something from your company touches a consumer....this includes, business cards, brochure, TV commercials, product packaging..but more importantly it includes YOU and it inlcudes your employees, and the processes you put in place to make your business function from day to day. Your skill in marketing then, will ultimately influence what happens everytime something from your company touches a consumer. So...you'd better get real good at it. good luck on your journey.

      by Doran P - 18 hours ago

    • You really don't need a degree just money but if you wanted some training then get a degree in Business Administration or Business Marketing.....

      by smartiebc - 18 hours ago

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