Questions on Marketing Strategy/Segmentation.....(multiple choice)?

Which of the following is typically the most difficult task of marketing strategy?
A. identifying problems for research
B. creating/implementing successful strategies to attract and profitably retain customers
C. conducting valid research
D. designing research projects
E. creating data collection instruments

Which is the 1st step in the marketing research process?
A. Determining the target market
B. Defining the problem and research objectives
C. Collecting Data
D. Determining the sample population
E. None of the above

Which of the following is the limitation of focus group research?
A. based on small samples
B. based on probability of samples
C. may suffer from interview bias
D. all of the above
E. none of the above

The process of dividing a market into distinct groups with distinct needs, characteristics or behavior, who might require separate marketing mixes is called________
A. target market
B. market positioning
C. market segmentation
D. market research
E. none of the above

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A. problem well defined is problem half solved

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