any catchy names for auto repair shop on wheels?

any helps appreciated!

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Try this different approach to selecting a catchy name. Invite over about ten of your best friends for a wine tasting party at your house early in the evening and make sure you have a designated driver or two. After everyone has had a glass or two, and start to giggle tell them you are looking for a catchy name for your auto repair on wheels business.

You'd be surprised at how creative they become. The more they giggle the more chance there is of something very good coming out of it.

Get several names you like because the challenge will be to find a name that is also available as a web site name. The moment you settle on something, do a search at to see if the name is available. If you are very lucky and it is, available, buy it immediately. The price is usually less than $10 and you’ll own it for at least a year.

Good Luck

7 years ago

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RPM Mobile Auto Repair

by Kismet - 7 years ago

Why not Repair on Wheels

by deathshead999 - 7 years ago

"Mobile Mechanic " Auto Service and Repair

" Mobile Auto Repair "

by Crownline - 7 years ago

How about...

Auto In Motion
"Repairs wherever you are, whenever you need"

Good luck in your endeavour!


by Jeeem - 7 years ago


sounds like a deal to me. lol
good luck

by naty - 7 years ago

You're Where?? We're There!! Auto Repair

by memilou - 7 years ago