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    What does the term “noise” mean in marketing?

    With so much advertising “noise” in the marketplace, how can a company ensure its message is heard?
    3 months ago 3 Answers

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    Noise, is anything that gets in the way of a receipient receiving the entire message which (in marketing) a company is trying to convey. This can be anything from regional dialogue differences, to poor message execution, to the intended recipient's lack of understanding. A company can take several steps to eliminate as much "noise" in their advertising campaigns as possible, by making the message clear and consise to begin with, as well as various marketing strategies to ensure their goal is acheived. Another helpful way to eliminate "noise" is to hire focus groups to give imput on their interpretation of the intended message.
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    • "Noise" can refer to similar, conflicting, or misleading advertising or the sheer volume of advertising of the same or similar products or services. In order to stand out and be heard, a company's advertising must rise above this "noise" and become "top of mind awareness" to the mass of potential customers. An example is Geico insurance. Think of three separate campaign themes: (1) the Cavemen, (2) the gecko, and (3), the "Real Service, Real Savings" commercials featuring real celebrities paraphrasing what a "real customer" is trying to say in a very humorous fashion. Most people readily recognize these commercials and can associate Geico as being the company. I would say Geico Insurance commercials "rise above the noise" of insurance property and causualty advertising.

      by RealTruth - 18 hours ago

    • Noise is the barriers to send a clear msg to the reciever/ target market. There are several noice types. Language barriers, perceptual barriers, technical barriers, are the important barriers marketers have to over come when it comes to communication.

      by dil - 18 hours ago

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