Where do I advertise my new escort service?

We are based in Coventry (west mids) and provide gentlemen for Ladies at home or hotels.What is the best way of advertising this and has anyone got any experience in this field?Is there anything I can do on the web to help?

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Get a free website at I live in Peterborough and that is how I am advertising my business. Advertise in the local papers too.

Just out of interest how old are your gentlemen escorts and how much do you cost? LOL....

8 years ago

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by thepoet01 - 8 years ago

in the wanted ads, word of mouth, and by strategicly placing people at hotels where potential customers can see

by isc_alli - 8 years ago

craigs list

by bradthepilot - 8 years ago

well i do not work in the field of escort but i can tell you a lil something about advertising. you want billboards, internet billboards, bus bill boards you get my drift. also you want to advertise on the radio you might want to give away something to the first 10 clients like a free hummer or something. Be creative!


by Mr. & Mrs. Morales m - 8 years ago

i would go with a local newspaper or in cincinnati we have to independant magazines that are free in front of most retail stores. i would recommend something like that. escort services are not something you can put on a commercial during prime time.

by ekenny513 - 8 years ago

See if you can find out where hotels are advertising. They're targeting travelers, and so are you, so let them do all the work for you.
Otherwise bars, train/bus stations and airports, in the publications that hotels provide their guests.
Also check into convention/visitors bureaus or chambers of commerce in any city; most have publications in which you can advertise.

by Lawn Jockey - 8 years ago

Why don't you just post some fliers near your local police station and cut out the middleman?

by DancesWithHorses - 8 years ago

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by alex - 7 months ago