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    can they sue their slumlord?

    i have a cuple friends who just moved into a rental house they paid rent and deposit and signed a lease. nowhere in the lease did it say the landlord doesnt do repairs, but after they moved in they called the gas company and the gas company told them they would send someone out. when the guy got there hr told him that he assumed the repairs had been done, that he could not turn the gas on because there cuts all over the lines in the house. he told them that the landlord is well aware. when they called the landlord he said "i dont do maintenance" he said if they wanted gas they would have to replace all the lines. They did not pay rent this month because they told him they were going to move and he told them if they did they would not get their deposit back. Is there anything they can do in Missouri
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    Best Answer

    one word: ESCROW! Tell them to find a local escrow service. Landlord-tenant law states that the landlord is obligated to maintain a safe habitat, regardless of what the lease says. The best way to handle this is to place the rent in escrow, with the stipulation that it will only be released when the repairs are made. The landlord can take them to court, but he WILL lose. Trust me on this one
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    Other Answers

    • Don't know landlord-tenant law in Missouri, but in all states, the landlord has the fiduciary duty to maintain the premises in livable & safe condition. Not being able to get gas clearly breaches this. The tenants should put their concerns/complaints in writing and mail it certified to the landlord. Check your states landlord-tenant law, and give the landlord the apprpriate written notice that you will be breaking your lease. In the meantime, look for a more suitable place to live. If landlord doesn't return your security deposit once you leave, then sue the pants off him! Try this web page: www.ago.mo.gov/publications/landlordtenant.htm

      by ModelBehavior - 20 hours ago

    • I would file a claim in the small claims court.... they are not responsible for those damages and without gas that is unlivable. In the claim they need to have all the dates and the agreements and I would try to get a statement from the gas company regarding the notification of the landlord AND that the repair is needed in order for gas to be turned on. That is crap! I am a property manager I've never heard of someone doing that to someone else!

      by lindsaytejeda - 20 hours ago

    • You could fix it,give like a $10,000.00 bill,take it off the rent for the next 2 yrs stay for free.**** the slumlord

      by bear8357 - 20 hours ago

    • They need to call the state housing authority. In no state is it the tennant's responsibility to repair existing damage to the property. They need to sue him for their first month's rent and deposit via small claims court.

      by mom2babycolin - 20 hours ago

    • take him to court or do the repairs and then remove it from the rent

      by ML - 20 hours ago

    • Only way out of this is to call a Lawyer. Also check around for a Renters Advocate, maybe even with teh Government.

      by Marvinator - 20 hours ago

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