catchy name for jewelry store?

anything! be creative :)

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Invite over about ten of your best friends for a wine tasting party at your house early in the evening and make sure you have a designated driver or two. After everyone has had a glass or two, and start to loosen up tell them you are looking for a name for your jewelry store.

You’d be surprised at how creative they become. The more they loosen up the more chance there is of something very good coming out of it.

Get several names you like because the challenge will be to find a name that you can register and even more so to find one that is also available as a web site name. The moment you settle on something, do a search at to see if the name is taken. If you are very lucky and it is available, buy it immediately. It will cost you less than $10 to register it for a year.

7 years ago

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Carats For Lettuce.

by Paul Ding - 7 years ago

The Family Jewels

by Got2Know - 7 years ago

Family Jewells

Gems n More


Timeless Accessories

by Diny - 7 years ago

-Carat Juice
-Joyería Asombrosa (Amazing Jewelry in Spanish)

I am at a total loss...anyway, good luck with the jewelry store!

by Haillynn L. - 7 years ago

Sparks, Fire & Ice Designs, GEMS, Rhinestones, The Silver Shoppe ( Gold Shoppe), Jade's Jewels or Jewelry...

by motorgirl56 - 7 years ago

Just Another Catch

by oda315 - 7 years ago

LoveBites and Bruises:

They make your jewelry designs that you send in.

But they also have an entire community of jewelry makers and companies that can help with design, naming your company, advertising, selling etc. There are a few magazine editors on there as well!

Good luck! :)

by Jake - 7 years ago

The Jewelry Store

by Ronald W - 7 years ago