Can you see an optometrist without insurance?

I want to get prescribed colored contacts and i dont just wanna buy one online since i know those kind of lenses can do major damaged to me eyes. problem is, im off of my parents' insurance since i go to college overseas fulltime(thats just the way their plan is written up) so i dont have my own insurance as of now. Would i still be able to see an optometrist like at lens crafters or something to get contacts?

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You should be covered by your parents insurance whether you are a student or not. Possibly their insurance company is unaware of the new law. You can pay cash for any medical services including eye exam and glasses. Those you mentioned and Sears and Walmart often have promotional prices on both.

3 years ago

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Of course!

by Common Sense - 3 years ago

Yeah, why wouldnt you be able to? You just pay in full for the services provided.

by Burt's Bees - 3 years ago

Yes. You would have to pay money for the optometrist's services. The place I went charged me $50. It might be more at Lenscrafters.

by StephenWeinstein - 3 years ago

Yes, the majority of people in America do NOT have vision insurance coverage - they pay cash for the exam and the glasses or contacts.

by mbrcatz - 3 years ago