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    What is the difference between Florida medipass and medicaid HMO?
    I had a surgery date scheduled for June 15th but it got canceled because my Florida medicaid which was just straight medicaid got switched to an HMO medicaid that doesn't cover the surgery so I had to get it switched to medipass because it covers the surgery but that doesn't take affect until July 1st so I'm just wondering what the difference is and if something is going to go wrong last minute again
    14 days ago 2 Answers

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    Anytime you have to depend on welfare you stand the chance of something going wrong. Most of the time these plans work well but sometimes you get someone new or incompetent and there's not much you can do about it. Medicaid is contracting out to private companies because they are running short of funds. Read the materials that have been sent to you for information on the differences.
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    Other Answers

    • It's government health insurance - of COURSE something's going to go wrong. Medipass is a managed health care program, just like the HMO programs are managed. It's just different people manageing it.

      by mbrcatz - 10 hours ago

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